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I rapporti bilaterali


I rapporti bilaterali

Diplomatic relations between Italy and Sri Lanka have been started more than sixty years ago.

The Embassy of Italy is present in Sri Lanka since 1951. The excellent diplomatic relations between the two countries have
been further strengthened during the last years by a series of visits of high level, including the visit of the Italian Vice President of the
Council Hon. Gianfranco Fini on January 2005, the visit of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Margherita Boniver on December 2005, and the visit of the new Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Benedetto della Vedova on May 2016.

Furthermore the Srilankan Minister of Foreign Affairs Rohita Bogollagama has visited the Italian Vice Predient of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs Massimo D’Alema in Rome on April 2007.

The Italian Embassy in Colombo is competent also for the Repubblic of Maldives since 1966.

Ambassadors of Italy to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Giovanni Battista CUNEO - 15th June, 1951

Pietro SOLARI - 27th April, 1955

Paolo Enrico DE MICHELIS - 18th December, 1958

Aurelio MASSONE - 3rd September, 1963

Enrico COSTA SANSEVERINO - 12th June, 1964

Fabrizio FABBRICOTTI - 24th October, 1970

Marco VIANELLO CHIODO - 8th April, 1979

Franco MICIELI DE BIASE - 15th July, 1981

Guido MARTINI - 16th May, 1987

Luigi COSTA SANSEVERINO - 27th October, 1990

Italo DI MUCCIO - 1st March, 1995

Maurizio TEUCCI - 21st October, 1997

Salvatore ZOTTA - 30th October, 2001

Pio MARIANI - 1st September, 2005

Rubens Anna FEDELE - 3d March 2010

Fabrizio Pio ARPEA - 21st February 2011

Paolo Andrea BARTORELLI - 16th June 2015

Rita Giuliana MANNELLA - 15th November  2018