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The Embassy of Italy in Colombo informs that the procedure for the legalization of documents issued by the Sri Lankan authorities will take place exclusively in compliance with the procedure described below.

To meet the needs expressed by users, the submission of any request will take place at the offices of VFS Global, 464 Galle Road (Singer Tower) Colombo 3.

The procedure launched in September last year has so far received the general consent and satisfaction of all users, and will continue to make use of the collaboration of Pronto Lanka, Forsiter Global Services, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and, from 14 June 2021, by VFS Global.

Requests for legalization can therefore be submitted exclusively to the VFS Global offices, which will forward the documentation to the Italian Embassy for their verification, translation and legalization.

IMPORTANT: In this regard, we inform you that the English and Italian translations will be provided exclusively by Forsiter Global Services. Therefore, as of June 14, 2021, English translations made by any office or any other translators will NO longer be accepted.

The list of reference translators of this Embassy remains valid for all other consular services offered by the Italian Embassy in Colombo for which translation into Italian is required.

The Embassy of Italy invites you to attentively read the attached instructions and provisions, which must be carefully observed to avoid sending incomplete or incorrect applications.

Please note that the new procedure was established in the interest of users, for which this Embassy is required to produce a considerable additional effort, will allow the elimination of waiting lists created in the past and inappropriate requests for money.

The Embassy of Italy in Colombo invites users to refrain from sending requests for information, updats or reminders, since the entire procedure requires time and methods which are not allowed to change for any reason.

The Embassy of Italy in Colombo would like to thank all users for their kind cooperation, while inviting you to refrain from seeking needless assistance of service agencies and useless intermediaries and invite you to report any inefficiencies found or improper requests for undue sums of money to the email address.